Ever wondered what all those kids, big and little were doing at Newport Beach on a Sunday from 9am? Well read on, and come and join the fun!

Download the 2019-2020 Nippers Information Booklet [pdf]

What is Nippers?

Nippers is Surf Life Saving for children aged between 5 and 13 years. Children from 5 to 7 years may join on an educational basis, while children from 8 years up may join in competitions representing Newport SLSC. They can compete in Northern Beaches inter-club competitions, Sydney Branch and state carnivals. While competition is an important element, surf awareness and education is the primary aim. Children are taught how to respect and read the surf, and to use it to their advantage.

Who Can Join?

Any girl or boy may join Nippers and you DON’T have to be competitive or athletic or even confident in the surf. One of the best things about Nippers is seeing young children who are scared of the water lose their fear during the season. Children with disabilities are welcome but in some cases a Doctor’s letter will be requested stating that the child is capable of undertaking certain events or activities. In all cases, the child would not be expected to participate in any event or activity where the disability might cause danger to the child.

Age Groups

Children are divided into Age Groups: U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13 and U14. The child’s age is taken as at 30 September each year. For example, if a child hasn’t turned 10 on or before September 30 this year, they would be in the Under 10 age group for the whole of this season. Each Age Group has Age Managers who organise, run and control the activities each Sunday. Most Age Managers are parents too.

Competition Group

Please see our Competition page for details of our competition program and training opportunities.

Parent Involvement

Parents are actively encouraged to participate in their child’s Age Group activities. Many parents are former (or current) members of Life Saving Clubs and assist with the provision of water safety for events. Other parents act as age officials, managers or committee members (bronze not required for these 3 roles). Any parent who is interested in doing their Bronze Medallion please see your child’s Age Manager who will provide you with details.


Before any child is allowed to participate in any water event or activity (ie. an event where they would be in water out of their depth) they are required to take a proficiency evaluation.

There will be a Proficiency Day at Brooke Withers Pool Warriewood on 29 September at 1pm. A gold coin donation is required for entry. Only Nippers in Age Groups U8-U14 (SRC) are required to complete this pool swim and float proficiency.

Children who cannot pass the minimum proficiency are limited for their safety to beach and wade events only.

Children who wish to compete at carnivals in both water and beach events will be required to undertake an open water swim proficiency. Please see your Age Manager for details about this Competition Proficiency Swim.

Registration for 2019-20 Season

Registration days for new nippers and new members will be held at the Newport Surf Club on Sunday 8th and Sunday 22nd September, between 9 am and 11 am. Our clothing shop will also be open on these mornings (in the Nippers shed on the beach side of the club) to enable the purchase of club gear and Nipper caps.

If you need to enrol outside of these times please download and complete the slsa-membership-form (one for each member joining). In addition to this, all adult members need to fill in a Member Protection Form.

Once completed and signed the forms can be brought along to Nippers on a Sunday morning for payment of fees. Applicable membership fees are set by the Newport Surf Life Saving Club Committee each year and are outlined in the Membership section of the website.

Please note: We require that a parent join from each family. Parents can join as an Associate Member or an Active Senior if they already have an SLSA bronze medallion and are willing to take part in patrols.

All new Nipper registrations must have proof of age provided (this may include Birth Certificate, Passport etc). Please note children must have obtained the age of 5 years by the 30th of September before they can become a Nipper member. However, a child may commence after they have attained the age of 5.

For any queries regarding registration please contact our club Registrar [email protected]

Each Sunday…

Activities commence at 8:45 am each Sunday – rain, hail, out of control surf (beach or indoor activities only) or shine. We start early to get the kids out of the sun before the hottest part of the day.

Under the control of their Age Managers, the children participate in several events. Depending on their age and competency, activities may be on the beach or in the water.

To give you a brief idea of what happens on the beach, there are:

  • beach races
  • running over a set distance on the sand (50m – 70m depending on age);
  • flags
  • lying flat on the sand, then getting up and running a short distance to grasp lengths of hose standing in the sand;
  • beach relays
  • teams of four run a relay over similar distances to the beach;
  • surf wade
  • running through the shallow water around a heavily supervised course (usually for younger age groups)

In the water events

(for U9 and above age groups only where the children have met certain proficiencies) there are:

  • Surf swims – swimming from the beach, around a “U” shaped course 80m long, and back again.
  • Board races – similar to the surf swim, but paddling boards around the course.
  • Run/swim/run – a race combining two sprints along the beach separated by a swim leg.
  • Iron Woman/Iron Man – a race involving running on the sand, swimming and paddling a board around a set course.
  • Board relay – a team paddles their boards in turn around the course.
  • Board rescue – one competitor swims out to a buoy then the next competitor paddles the boards to them, picks them up and paddles back to the beach.

After Nippers there’s always the BBQ with food and drinks for sale.

Further Information

Want to know more, see your Age Manager. Remember we’re here to have FUN and learn about surf safety!