Rescue & Resuscitation


The Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R) competition provides the opportunity for SLSA members to demonstrate in a competitive manner some traditional rescue and resuscitation techniques used in Surf Life Saving.

The term “R&R” comes from the core business of surf lifesaving which is “Rescue and Resuscitation”. Today the rescue is done more than likely by a member using a rescue tube, rescue board, IRB or Jet Ski. In the past rescues were carried out by a group of members using the reel, line and belt, the rescuer donning the safety belt with the line attached and swimming out to sea to collect the patient. The reel, line and belt still form the rescue equipment in R&R competition today.

Since the inception of surf lifesaving, competition amongst surf club members and surf clubs was inevitable and the R&R event was developed. As the name implies it is Rescue and Resuscitation of a patient still using the absolute icon of surf lifesaving, a reel, line and belt. Competitors are assessed and marked on their performance through the whole competition. The event requires that each team member focus and undertake each task with precision so as not to incur any point’s deduction. The winner is the team with the least number of points at the end of the event.

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