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Round 6 Ocean6 Results

Newport athletes capped off the final round of the Ocean6 Series at North Cronulla with some top individual and team results:


Nutri-Grain Ironman: 1st – Max Brooks

Nutri-Grain Ironwoman: 2nd – Georgia Miller; 15th – Emily Doyle


First National Mens Board: 4th – Charlie Brooks; 20th – Zach Morris

First National Womens Board: 4th – Georgia Miller; 9th – Maddie Spencer; 11th – Olivia Heaton; 21st – Maddie Louw

Kennards Hire Mens Swim: 2nd – Ollie Signorini; 15th – Jackson Borg

Joyln Womens Swim: 6th – Emily Doyle; 10th – Jami Prowse

Mens Surf Ski: 3rd – Jayke Rees; 10th – Mitchell Trim; 11th – Luke Morrison;

Womens Surf Ski: 13th – Grace Gurr

Mens Beach Flags: 1st – Jake Lynch; 3rd – Blake Drysdale

Womens Beach Flags: 4th – Macy Carrothers

Mens Run Swim Run: 2nd – Jackson Borg; 3rd – Ollie Signorini; 18th – Zach Morris;

Womens Run Swim Run: 4th – Georgia Miller; 7th – Emily Doyle;

Mens Beach Sprint: 3rd – Jake Lynch; 4th – Blake Drysdale

Womens Beach Sprint: 7th – Macy Carrothers

Mens Taplin Relay: 8th – Newport Team A; 9th – Newport Team C; 11th – Newport Team D

Womens Taplin Relay: 4th – Newport Team A; 11th – Newport Team B;

Mens Surf Ski Relay: 2nd – Newport Team A; 3rd – Newport Team B;

Womens Surf Ski Relay: 8th – Newport Team B; 12th – Newport Team A

Mens Board Relay: 4th – Newport Team A

Womens Board Relay: 1st – Newport Team A

Mens Double Ski: 4th – Newport Team A; 8th – Newport Team B

Mixed Double Ski: 2nd – Newport Team A