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2018-19 Committee Members & News from our AGM held on 29 July

As you are aware, our AGM was held on Sunday, 29 July.  Our annual report was presented and you can view an online version here.

We are delighted to announce that we have one new Life Member, two new Distinguished Service and four new Outstanding Service members.  Congratulations to Rob, James, Ted, Glen, Matt, Guyren and Jan.

Life Member

  • Rob Emerson

Distinguished Service

  • James Brooks
  • Ted Smithies

Outstanding Service

  • Glen Borg
  • Matt Halakas
  • Guyren Smith
  • Jan Proudfoot

2018-2019 Management Committee

Here are your new committee members:

President Rob Emerson
Deputy President Jack Holland
Hon. Secretary Jan Proudfoot
Hon. Treasurer Rob Barkley
Club Captain Jess Menzies
JAC Chairman Matt Halakas
Assistant Secretary Leanne Pate
Board & Ski Captain Nick Carroll
Chief Instructor Guyren Smith
Competition Organiser Glen Borg
First Aid Officer Sandy Menzies
Gear Steward Scott Newey
House Captain vacant
Powercraft Captain Brendan Doyle
Publicity Officer Gemma Eastwood
Registrar John Greenhill
Social Secretary Madison Smithies
Surf Boat Captain Alex Brown
Vice Captain Lauren Budd
Vice Captain Kieran Menzies
Youth Development Officer Ian Crutch

2018-19 Junior Activity Committee

Chairperson Matt Halakas
Vice Chairperson vacant
Secretary Rod Stevens
Age Manager Coordinator Zoran Avatrovski
Competition Organiser Jeremy Paul
Clothing Officers Snez Bartlem &
Bec Capell
Gear Steward Brendan Capell
Water Safety Officer Ilia Lakaev
BBQ Coordinators Carla Pettit &
Michelle Lye