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Newport Number#1 at Ocean6

Fresh off the back of our Branch Championship win, Newport SLSC has been crowned Club Champions of the Ocean6 Series taking out 1st place on the Club leaderboard with 4202pts, a massive 847pts ahead of QLD rivals Alexandra Headland SLSC (3355pts) and BMD Northcliffe SLSC (3130pts).

Newport led strongly throughout the 6 round series with top placings for team and individual results. See all the action from the series here


Club Leaderboard: 1st – Newport (4202pts)

Nutri-Grain Ironman: 4th – Max Brooks

Nutri-Grain Ironwoman: 3rd – Georgia Miller

First National Mens Board: 14th – Max Brooks; 16th – Charlie Brooks

First National Womens Board: 2nd – Georgia Miller; 6th – Maddie Spencer; 9th – Olivia Heaton

Kennards Hire Mens Swim: 1st – Ollie Signorini; 12th – Zach Morris; 13th – Jackson Borg; 18th – Isaac Smith

Joyln Womens Swim: 8th – Emily Doyle; 12th – Georgia Miller; 13th – Lara Moses; 18th – Maddie Spencer

Mens Surf Ski: 5th – Mitchell Trim; 8th – Jayke Rees

Womens Surf Ski: 6th – Hannah Minogue; 16th – Grace Gurr

Mens Beach Flags: 1st – Jake Lynch; 2nd – Blake Drysdale

Womens Beach Flags: 8th – Macy Carrothers

Mens Run Swim Run: 2nd – Ollie Signorini; 6th – Jackson Borg

Womens Run Swim Run: 1st – Georgia Miller; 4th – Maddie Louw; 5th – Emily Doyle; 12th – Lara Moses; 14th – Maddie Spencer

Mens Beach Sprint: 1st – Jake Lynch

Womens Beach Sprint: 9th – Lara Shorter

Mens Taplin Relay: 6th – Newport Team A; 8th – Newport Team B; 19th – Newport Team C

Womens Taplin Relay: 5th – Newport Team A; 15th – Newport Team C

Mens Surf Ski Relay: 3rd – Newport Team A; 16th – Newport Team B

Womens Surf Ski Relay: 5th – Newport Team A; 8th – Newport Team B

Mens Board Relay: 3rd – Newport Team A

Womens Board Relay: 1st – Newport Team A; 12th – Newport Team B; 15th – Newport Team C

Mens Double Ski: 1st – Newport Team A; 17th – Newport Team B

Mixed Double Ski: 3rd – Newport Team A; 8th – Newport Team B; 17th – Newport Team C