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Newport Masters State Surf Life Saving Championship Results

Newport have placed equal 15th at the 2018 NSW State Life Saving Championships. Results below:

Over 40yr Male Champion Lifesaver: 1st – Guyren Smith

55-59 Male Iron: 1st – Nick Carroll

55 – 59 Male Board Rescue: 3rd – Newport Team A (Carroll/Ansiewicz)

170yr Male Board Relay: 4th – Newport Team A (Carroll/Ansiewicz/Milliken)

35-39 Male Beach Sprint: 3rd – Stephen Hatch; 5th – Tristan Conn

35-39 Male Beach Flags: 2nd – Tristan Conn

40-44- Male Beach Sprint: 1st – Rubin Ruzicka

65-69 Male Beach Sprint: 1st – Ted Smithies; 4th – Marty Lynch

65-69 Male Beach Flags: 1st – Marty Lynch; 2nd – Ted Smithies

170yr Male Beach Relay: 2nd – Newport Team A (Conn/Hatch/Ruzicka/Smithies)


Over 40yr Female Champion Lifesaver: 2nd- Jan Proudfoot

45-49 Female Surf Race: 6th – Jan Proudfoot

45-49 Female Tube Rescue: 5th – Jan Proudfoot

55-59 Female Single Ski: 4th – Christine Hopton

45-49 Female Double Ski: 4th – Newport Team A (Hopton/Proudfoot)

150yr Female Board Relay: 4th – Newport Team A (Alston/Hopton/Proudfoot)