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CPR Friendly – No time to get CPR certified? | At least get CPR friendly, in minutes

Words: Guyren Smith, Images: Ian Hutchinson
  • Last Sunday (23 June) we had 50 members of the local Probus Association join us for a discussion on CPR awareness. The session went exceptionally well and the engagement from those in attendance was great. As a group I think the presence in the room of 2 people that had been successfully resuscitated really brought into focus what we do.
  • CPR friendly is an initiative of a local Newport man who after having a sudden cardiac arrest riding around Narrabeen Lake, has taken on the task of trying to increase CPR awareness and defib access in the community.
  • Special thanks to the trainers who volunteered their Sunday morning to help out (Sandy Menzies, Jeremy Paul, Elaine Krek, Brendan Capell and Brendan Menzies)
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CPR CPR instructional chart (A4) [pdf]