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Pittwater Friends of Soibada & Newport SLSC

Last year Newport SLSC in conjunction with Pittwater Friends of Soibada sent 2 trainers across to Soibada in East Timor to help train the community in first aid and CPR.

Unfortunately this year we are unable to send any trainers but would still like to help the community by fundraising to buy some simple medical products.

Most importantly the community is in need of Lyclear cream to help treat scabies which is an extremely contagious skin condition where mites burrow into the skin.  To successfully treat scabies each person needs 2 tubes of cream.  Our aim is to send over 100 tubes. The hospital in Soibada is also in desperate need of stethoscopes and blood pressure machines.  Additional funds raised will go to the purchase of this equipment.

  • Lyclear Cream is approximately $15.00 per tube
  • Stethoscopes are approximately $25.00
  • Blood pressure machines are approximately $30.00

To add your contribution head to:

More info about the Pittwater Friends of Soibada can be found here.